Unleash the Curves


So, summer is coming and this was made brutally clear today, it was hot and humid and totally not my kind of day.

The mere mention of Summer is enough to send me into a sweaty anxiety spiral – I think its safe to say that I am a Winter girl through and through.

Summer means two things, both of which I am not a fan of:

1) Heat – in all of its many vicious forms – stifling humidity, unavoidable discomfort, sweaty brows and sleepless nights

2) Getting my jiggly bits out in public (yes ladies and gentlemen, I am referring to my curves, my thunder thighs, my bootylicious behind, my lovely lady lumps) – Summer means getting my chubby little legs out and the inevitable unveiling of the soul destroying bikini.

No Way, Jose!

Anytime swimming comes into the equation I have flashes of my round little body awkwardly bobbing around in the ocean . . . yaaaay, bring on Summer


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