And She Returns . . .


So, I’ve gone and done it again, my usual shenanigans – there I was, one happy little blogger, enjoying every second and posting daily and then BAM!! I disappear, suddenly “too busy” to indulge my passion, not to post again for many, MANY months.

I am so ashamed

Alas, I have returned. My creative urges niggling away at me, my crazy blogger brain collecting post inspiration left, right and centre, drafting posts in my sleep and taking random notes on post-its “for later”. And now here I am, propped in front of the macbook, my nimble fingers dancing around the keys like giddy little school girls.


I guess it just goes to show, that although being a functioning adult throws all kinds of time constraints and distractions your way, you just can’t ignore your passions. They are what keeps you going, your life force, your go go juice.

Writing, I simply cannot live without it.

I’m back baby


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