Its finally here!! New Diary Day has arrived!!

2015-01-05 14.51.41

Get excited peeps, Its that marvelous time of the year!!

No, I’m not referring to Christmas or New Years, although both are rather special, I am talking about my all time favourite day of the year, the bestest most awesomest day of them all . . .

New Diary Day!!

Yep, you read correctly. This particular lady gets incredibly excited on the magical day each year when her beloved, crisp, new, bubble wrapped diary turns up on the front porch, ready for the year ahead.

Now I know its a little strange, but I am of the opinion that there is absolutely, unequivocally NOTHING better than a gorgeous new Moleskin Diary. I simply adore it.

But you have to understand . . .Its not just about the sumptuous soft leather cover, or the perfectly planned out pages of organisational bliss.

For me New Diary Day is all about retiring your well loved, filled to the brim, shaggy, old 2014 diary to the shelf and bidding farewell to the last 12 months to then unwrap your sparkly new untouched 2015 version, marking the beginning of a whole new year, welcoming 2015 officially and with great excitement.

Its a moment of passage, a marking of a new chapter.

There is truly nothing better

I love New Diary Day!!


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