Unleash the hens!


So recently my glorious compadres, Danielle & Sam announced their engagement (YAY, Congratulations darlings!) and since then the topic has been all things bridal. Naturally, the much debated Hens Night has been approached, and a unanimous verdict obtained – NO HIDEOUS HENS NIGHTS.

For myself, and many others, the thought of squeezing into a child’s size tutu, donning a revolting hot-pink flashing ‘BRIDE TO BE’ sash and slurping Guava Vodka Cruisers through a plastic penis straw, does not excite me in the slightest.

The sad part is that many brides out there will succumb to the torture of the standard ‘Last night as a single, scantly dressed, drunken lady’ (I use the term lady VERY loosely) simply because they are unaware of the myriad of classy, less boosy, alternatives out there.

There is absolutely no need for shots of Peach Schnapps, or half naked 40 year old men grinding your face and thrusting along to Joe Cocker’s ‘You can leave your hat on’. Ladies, rest assured, there is help out there.

With a slice of forward planning, a classy and memorable Hen’s event is as simple as booking a ladies lunch. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

High Tea

French Petit Fours, cucumber sandwiches, delicious cheeses, Nan’s fine china, whimsical decorations and a selection of your closest ladies. Throw on your daintiest frock, curl your hair and enjoy the playful conversation and tantalising treats.

To spice things up a little, trade the tea for cocktails, but keep the teapots, something a little fun and outside the box for your special celebration.

Scavenger Hunt

Split your brood into small teams, arm them with a fully-loaded Polaroid camera and a list of crazy items located all around your hometown that they must find and take a happy snap with, on the count of 3 watch your friends dash off in opposite directions in an excitable frenzy. Have a selection of awesome prizes waiting at the end and watch the elation unfold.

At the end of it all, share your crazy highlights of the day whilst giggling over the ridiculous snaps, with a cocktail in hand. Make the moment last forever by placing all of the pictures in an album, scrapbook or custom coffee table book.

Spa Day

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience for some, why not gather your ladies together for a much needed day of pampering and relaxation. Head to your favourite day spa and book out their services for the day, sit back, relax and unleash your inner goddess, all with a glass or two of champagne.

Ladies Weekend Away

Fancy a little getaway? A spot of sailing, an island escape, a wine and gourmet food tour, a shopping adventure or a remote eco escape in the mountains? Why not, after all you’re only a bride once, you call the shots!

Speak to your travel agent in advance and have some package options put together. Take your ladies away for a long weekend for a trip to be remembered.

Cocktail Mixology Class

Love a cocktail? Honestly, who doesn’t? Why not learn how to make your own (and participate in the ‘quality control’ processes while you’re at it?), become a Cosmo connoisseur, a master of the Martini, earn your Daquiri doctorate and get your party on in the process. Head to your favourite cocktail bar and as your mixologist if he will share his secrets with your brood, I am sure he will be flattered.

If you want to get extra crafty, take a moment and make a list of your favourite cocktails (and those of your fiance) and request that your mixologist create a special personalised cocktail for your wedding day. Become an expert on its construction and serve it to your nearest and dearest on the big day.

Life Painting Class

Okay, so you may be a classy lady, but sometimes a girl’s just got to see some sexy man flesh. If you want the eye candy, without all of the coconut oil and air thrusting, why not organise a Life Painting class for your brood? Pop open a bottle of champagne and straddle an easel, brush in hand take a turn at perfecting your painting skills whilst indulging in a little ‘appreciation of the human form’. Most artist workshops will cater for Hens parties, with most even offering catering options.


Please ladies, if you are reading, I beg you, do not don the flashing sash, cut yourself free from the hideous tutu of shame, take a moment to think about the bride you see yourself as, and plan your dream hens celebration.

Trust me, you will have an amazing experience, and unlike the stock standard headache inducing boozer versions, I promise that you will remember this one for a long time to come.

Be your best bride and award yourself with the perfect hens event, one to be proud of.



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