On the corner of ‘wherethefrigami’ & ‘themiddleofbumfukidaho’


I know I’m not the only person out there that enjoys the odd ‘funny cats’ video on youtube, I mean who are we kidding, EVERYONE loves to sit down to a solid 3 minute clip of viewing excellence, watching cats run into walls, leap in and out of boxes, fall off ledges and jump unexpectedly 4 metres in the air because something moved ever so slightly.

Let’s be honest, cat videos are simply the BEST . . .
Or so I thought, until a couple of days ago.

It was a standard morning, on my daily commute to work, I’m chillin at the bus stop, as always my bus is substantially late, I’m frustrated. I pull out my phone and start scrolling through my facey feed, low and behold I come across a funny cat video – “ohhhhh yeah, just what I need to lift my spirits”

I’m about a minute in, having a great old giggle, when up rocks the bus, I hail it down, jump on, get a seat and finish watching the cute little kitten playing with his reflection in a mirror – priceless!

The video comes to an end and I look up from my phone . . .


Yep . . . This idiot hailed the wrong bus

Damn you funny cat video!!!

My initial reaction was to get off the demon bus from hell as quickly as possible, the bus driver looked at me like an escaped mental patient as I passionately threw myself out the doors and ran up the footpath scanning the horizon for ANYTHING familiar, my eyes bulging from my face.

Absolutely no luck, I was properly lost.

To make matters worse, I was due at work in under 10 minutes AND I was meeting with a client in 20.


I google my location, no help whatsoever.
I look for any open shops to ask for directions, shit out of luck
I scan the perimeter looking for anything familiar – no bloody idea
I’m screwed

The only solution I can think of . . . 131 008

* ring . . . ring . . . ring . . .
“Thank you for calling Black & White taxis, what is the pickup location”

“ummmm, I’m standing outside a Jeep Dealership, across the road from a park” – nice work Ashley, nailed it

15 minutes later, $13.20 poorer and gagging from a taxi that smelt like the storeroom of a local Butcher in Bangkok, I had learnt a valuable lesson

The morning commute is most certainly NOT the time nor place for funny cat videos, especially on the occasion that caffeine is missing from the morning routine and/or one is frustrated with the inefficiency of Brisbane’s Translink bus services.

Lesson learnt!

– just don’t do it guys, trust me on this one


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