“Honey, I’m home”


So, it’s been a while. Oh don’t look at me like that, I know I’ve left you in the dark for the past . . . Well, months (oh dear), I didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s not you darling, it’s me! I’ve just been so busy, my life is a little crazy.

My last post, I was packing in preparation for the big move to Brisbane, since that day my existence has been a flurry of events and training and excitement and stress and accomplishments and failures and everything in between.

To be frankly honest, it has been a blast.

But the one thing I truly regret is not having blogged my way though it all, no doubt it would have made for some interesting reading at the very least.

On the 1st day of 2014 I set myself the task of a daily post in the hopes of enriching my life with the pleasures I enjoy the most (without being too obvious, yes blog, that would be you).

However, it is plain to see that my joyous resolution lasted a mere 2 days!


I could conjure all manner of excuses and reasons as too why I haven’t followed through on my own goal, but truth be told, my mind was just elsewhere.

In moments of reflection of late, it has occurred to me that with the removal of my daily posting I have spent the last 4 months wizzing through my new and exciting life as a Brisbanite without stopping to reflect and appreciate the special moments so far . . . I guess you could say to smell the proverbial roses, and I find this quite a shame.

So long story short (which was never quite my talent, I must say)


It’s time to take life by the balls . . . And of course, this is the best bit, share it all with you . . . Because I’m nice like that 😉


3 thoughts on ““Honey, I’m home”

  1. Hey Ash! It’s been a long long time… I can still remember the day you left ramsgate! I’ve just been reading some of your blogs, there great! I see you’ve recently moved to Brissy. I moved to the Gold Coast almost a year and a half ago. It’s amazing where life takes us huh? Hope to chat again soon and read some more blogs x

    • Anna! How are you darling?? It’s nice to hear that someone is out there enjoying my rambling, hahaha. We will have to catch up when I’m in the Goldie next, keep in touch xx

      • I’m really good! Seems like Brissy has been treating you well and your enjoying it. Yes for sure! Let me know xx

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