Life; loves to keep you guessing, shakin’ it up, now its my turn

its the final countdown

After all the wrapping, sorting and packing (My kitteh, Miss Mia has made it clear that she wants in on all the action), the planning, tenancy applications and job offers . . .

TOMORROW is the big move!

As of 6:00am I will be on the road, hurtling towards my brand new life in Brisbane, my new little apartment for one, my exciting new career and a whole lot of time alone . . .

Yes, I am excited.

But I also have that little niggling sensation of fear hiding in the background. Im human, its natural right?

My whole life as I know it has been shaken and turned on its head, now is the moment I step out into the unknown with no safety net, all alone. It is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying with a splash of pain thrown into the mix.

If you had of asked me a couple of months ago what I saw coming in 2014 my answer would have been soooooo far removed from my now reality.

It just goes to show that life can change in an instant, whether it be for the better, or the worse, or just simply changing your direction, sudden, swift and shocking.

2014, you saucy little minx


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