Well howdy there 2014, you look very nice today!

Well Howdy 2014, you look very nice today!

So its 2014 . . . WOW . . . the little bugger really snuck up on me this time around, one minute I’m happily collecting crisp new 2013 diaries and then BAM, Im sitting on the couch with my cat watching the Sydney Harbour Bridge exploding in a flurry of sparkle and colour and its a whole new year.

Last year I skipped the whole ‘New Years Resolution’ business, I figured I would forget all about my resolutions within the first week and that would be the extent of it all.

For some reason this year, good old 2014, feels like it is MY year, so one should probably set some goals.

So here goes . . .

My Resolutions for 2014:

1) Write a Blog a Day! My blogging habits over the past year have been rather all over the place in all honesty, its like I go through a binging stage where I publish 4 posts a day for a couple of weeks and then I suddenly drop off the grid for a little while. This year I will post at least once a day, consistently and with great enthusiasm.

2) Loose 20 kilos by NYE 2015 – this seriously needs to happen, my once curvy figure has now morphed into an all over ‘padding’ which not only has had an effect on my self esteem, but no doubt also has health implications. Its time to love myself again and make a difference in my overall health during 2014.

3)  Eliminate my Debts  – this one is rather self explanatory. No one likes the fat old debt monster peering over their shoulder each day, so I plan on kicking his ass to the curb. BE GONE DEBT

4) Finding ‘Ash’ – 2013 was a roller coaster of a year for me, I had my dizzying heights of happiness and also had a drenching in the ocean of despair and pain. The last six months have been especially hard, bouts of isolation and depression, the break down of my relationship and the consequential ending of our engagement and a splash of financial stress. All this has taken its nasty little toll and along the way I have lost myself somewhere in the crowd. 2014 is MY year, to find myself again, to learn to love who I am, explore my interests, to learn to be alone. I can’t wait.

5) Building the Nest – I have always been a nester, a lover of personalising spaces and making my home, however I still do not have my own space, something that is mine to keep, so this year I plan on saving towards a deposit on my own property. I hope that in early 2015 I will become a first home owner and be finally able to truly nest.


Its quite a list, but attainable.

Its no doubt that I will have my work cut out for me in 2014, but I am so incredibly excited to get this party started.




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