Turns out I’m luckier than I thought

Turns out I'm luckier than I thought

I have never been known to be a winner when it comes to raffles, competitions, lucky door prizes, meat trays @ the Bowling club, well anything relying on luck or chance actually . . . Its safe to say that I’m your genuine looser when it comes to this stuff – wildly unlucky, despite mountains of enthusiasm and endless hope.

A couple of months ago I received an email from my buddies at Contiki about a competition for 2 tickets to the Vans Warped Tour that would be hitting Coffs Harbour in November. All you had to do was tell them, in 200 words or less, what was your most memorable festival moment – that was it, simples.

Considering I had some great festival memories under my belt I though, heck, why not enter.

So I did.

And to my utter shock, yesterday an email from Contiki popped into my inbox, and within it a giant CONGRATULATIONS and 2 glorious FREE tickets sitting happily in an attachment.

Since when do I win competitions????

Little old me, about as lucky as a black cat, born on a mound of spilled salt, on the 13th.

So bags are packed, train tickets waiting, Dan and I are off to Coffs for Vans Warped! Nice little turn of events for our weekend I think.

Perhaps when we get back I will enter a few more competitions and see what comes of it? (By a few I meant a lot, like A LOT, Like all of them)




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