yep, the fernweh has kicked in


Not sure what is more exciting, planning the wedding or planning the honeymoon??

We’ve been chatting a lot lately about our wedding (well, more like I am continuously chatting about it and occasionally he nods in agreeance or approval) and naturally wedding chatter turns to honeymoon excitement.

One thing we have managed to contribute equal parts of enthusiasm towards is the choice to backpack around Southeast Asia for our honeymoon.

Now lets just acknowledge the gravity of this decision on my part. Being an absolute serial planner, not to mention my accommodation snootiness, agreeing to just pack a small backpack and ‘wing it’ around Asia is a HUGE thing for me! Especially when it comes to one of the most memorable holidays we will take together.

I always visioned my honeymoon entailing snow, copious amounts of red wine and fine food, snuggled up together in front of an intensely romantic roaring wood fire . . .

So the fact that I have completely relaxed and accepted that a ‘go with the flow’ Asian extravaganza may well be more enjoyable and a better idea, is something that is taking its time to sink in.

Where has this adventurous Ashley come from?

And what happened to the anxious, control freak version??

I must admit though, I found myself looking at luxury accommodation in some of the locations we plan to visit . . . hardly the ‘backpacking’ style that Daniel has in mind – perhaps 1 or 2 nights of luxury won’t hurt us, right?

After all, it is our honeymoon . . .

I will work on it 😉


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