the waiting game . . .

the waiting game . . .

A few weeks ago I managed to get myself a new and exciting position with Flight Centre as a Travel Consultant – Frankly I could not be any more excited.

The only problem is that I now have to wait until my 3 weeks of training begins in Brisbane . . . I’m still waiting . . . and it could be another couple of weeks yet . . .

I just want to get this party started!!

What am I to do with all this spare time?? Originally I planned to work on my travel blog and fill that bad boy up with all my previous European adventures, but since the engagement party all I have been doing is trawling through bridal magazines looking for inspiration for the big day.

The upside – I have practically painted a complete picture of the wedding

The downside – I’m still waiting to start my awesome new job!!

This is killing me . . .


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