Christmas is coming, I’m being bombed by beetles!!

christmas is coming, I'm being bombed by beetles!!

Yep, Christmas is coming.

Despite the fact that November is almost over, I know that Christmas is drawing closer from the sheer amount of suicidal beetles smashing their pretty little shiny bodies into my window!

For the past hour there has been a constant little tap, tap, tapping beating in the background.

No, they aren’t talented little percussion specialists, the unique tune is simply caused by their battered little bodies being rammed at high speeds against my glass windows.

I know the allure of my glowing lights is enough to make any mere moth swoon, but these poor little buggers simply don’t know when to call it quits!

No wonder their lifeless little shells lay motionless on every footpath around Australia leading up to Christmas, they simply have no common sense!

Flying full speed at a pane of glass = DEATH


Crazy little dudes.

Come to think of it . . . I’m pretty sure I have never actually seen a ‘Christmas’ Beetle ALIVE and flying around on Christmas day!!

Am I the only one??

Keep an eye out on the big day peeps, and let me know

curiouser and curiouser . . .




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