Reconnecting with Love


There is nothing like the moment you hear a dear friend’s voice after a lifetime apart.

Tonight I reconnected with someone very special to me and I feel alive!

I cannot wipe the smile from my face 🙂

Its true what they say about real friends, even when life gets in the way and you haven’t spoken in what feels like forever, when you finally pick up that phone and hear their voice it feels like they never left you.

All those childhood memories come flooding in and you are right back at 11 years old, in Dougie’s bedroom, we’re playing his Nintendo 64 while he is out and then rushing around like idiots putting everything back in its special little spots before he is due home. I can just see us getting the hell out of there before he catches us in the act and sleuthing back into her room like nothing happened 😉

Those were the good old days!

Guaranteed our shenanigans will continue, we’ll be those two old betties in our 80’s having high tea, chatting about our grand-kiddies and complaining about our geriatric husbands at home.

Some friends, they last forever.

I am truly blessed


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