Mulberry Memories

The Neighbour's Yard

On one side of our unit all the windows overlook the neighbour’s yard. He is quite the little gardener, always pruning or planting or building something.

During my many stages of procrastination I find myself sitting at the window watching him potter around in his beloved garden . . . he must think I’m a weirdo

When we moved in, back in June, the huge tree standing proudly in the center of his yard was bare, being winter this was expected, but the tree had a certain presence about it.
Its long spindly branches reaching out into the air, swaying in the wind, empty and brittle.

I fell in love with the tree as soon as I set eyes on it.

As soon as spring arrived my mysterious tree began rapidly sprouting leaves. Before I knew it he was completely covered, an abundance of vibrant green, filling his branches, making him fat and jolly.

Yesterday I looked out the window and discovered something marvelous – He is a MULBERRY TREE!!

I’ve never been so excited.

I remember climbing Nan’s big old mulberry tree at the back of her yard as a kid, stuffing my face with the delicious berries, wandering back inside with purple hands and feet, rolling around on the couch for the next hour with a glutton’s belly ache.

(lets just say mum wasn’t too impressed with our new, rather permanent, dye job – we thought it was great!)

~ I love you Nan, you are always in my heart, thanks for the memories xx

I think its safe to say that my love for the neighbour’s tree has doubled since discovering its hidden treats . . . maybe when we leave this unit one day we could ask him to move with us, and bring his special garden with him?

The bonus – I have discovered that a sneaky little branch happens to hang over the fence and into my yard 😀

Maybe some magical mulberry jam is on the cards?

. . . or perhaps just another glutton’s belly ache



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