Naughty Morning Oats

Naughty Morning Oats

This morning I did something a little different – I made some oats/porridge for breakfast.

Now, I’m not normally a oats kinda person, I can’t even remember the last time I ate oats (most probably would have been that time in Scotland)

But this morning I whooped out the box of Carman’s Traditional Oats and went about my merry little way, cooking up some breakfast.

When I sat down to get stuck in I remembered why oats aren’t a regular on my brekkie menu . . . they are boring!

A couple of mouthfuls in I looked down at my bowl of boring oats and tried to think of a way to give them some life, some pizazz, some flavour.

I raided the pantry and all I could find was some honey – blergh 😦

Then I spotted the block of Cadbury Dream white chocolate – oh yessssssss, I did.

I crumbled up some white chocolate and left it to melt a little.


My boring old oats turned into something quite spectacular and a little bit naughty 😉

Who ever said you can’t eat chocolate for breakfast?
Not meeeeeee


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