R U OK? Today is the day to reach out!

R U OK? Today is the day to reach out!

Its R U OK day!

I think today is fantastic, sometimes we need a little prompt in life to look beyond our own little bubble and look out for the ones we love.

Turn to the person next to you and simply ask them “Are you ok?” – let them know you love them, give them a safe space to let it all out.

If R U OK day helps at least 1 person to voice their concerns or work through their issues, then it has been completely worth it.

Depression and suicidal thoughts are very real and extremely important issues that people deal with each and every day.

Be there for those around you, let them know you care, be the vehicle for change and hope.

For more information, or do make a donation to the R U OK Foundation – https://www.ruokday.com/

Spread the Love people!!


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