Ah, the Creative life


I’m sitting here at my dining table, books and notes and papers sprawled out all over the place, I hate end of session – a never ending list of assessments!

When I first looked at the list of assessments I needed to complete I thought to myself

No worries, two short stories and a script for a play – EASY!

Boy was I wrong! When you write for yourself it is a pleasure to do, the words flow from your mind like art. When you write for the purpose of assessment, with guidelines and requirements, sometimes it can be like drawing blood from stone.

I am the stone – there will be no blood

This last few hours have been painful to say the least.

Type a sentence, delete it, type it again, delete it, stare out the window, type it again, still not happy, make a cup of tea . . .

I’m on the verge of throwing myself out the window! My brain just won’t play the game! Just a couple of days of concentration and creativity and then I get a couple of months off, its a sweet deal, yet he just won’t come to the party!

What can I do to get the ball rolling? I have tried every trick in the book and yet I’m still sitting here slamming my head against the desk.

Perhaps I just need to loose my fear of being wrong?

Doubt it will help 😦



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