Chanelling Martha

Chanelling Martha

My celebrity crush is a little different to most 25 year old women . . . normally when asked their celebrity crush they start gushing and singing the “Channing all over your Tatum” song (If you haven’t heard it, )

I’m a little strange, my crush is Martha Stewart . . .

Come on, don’t look at me like that!

Just think about it for a second – the woman can BAKE, not to mention she is a little bit badass, still sexy in her mature years and is worth Bazillions!! I think I’m on the money with this one 😉

Anyway, Its days like today that make me want to be more like Martha – its windy outside, I’m hungry and I have a couple of essays to knock out . . . what would be perfect right now?

COOKIES!! Right?

If I were more like Martha I would be able to whoop out 2 batches of delicious, mouth watering, perfectly formed cookies, while also vacuuming the floor, creating a gorgeous flower arrangement for the dining table AND writing a High Distinction quality essay with her spare hand!

Oh Martha ~ You saucy minx


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