I like Big Bags and I Cannot Lie . . .

I like Big Bags and I Cannot Lie . . .

I am a self confessed crazy bag lady.

I LOVE a good oversized handbag, in fact, if its big enough to hide in when you see someone out and about that you don’t want to stop and talk to, then its perfect.

I am one of those women who carries their whole world with them everywhere they go.

I’m the one people go to if they need a tissue, or a band aid, or wet wipe, a pen, some sunglasses, or a spare cardigan – yep, I’m that person.

I’m the one who wanders around looking like I’m heading off for a week long vacation, when really I’m just nipping down to the shops for some milk.

When I go out with just a clutch I feel soooooo naked, the whole time I keep looking around like a frantic mother, thinking I have left my bag behind.

I love big bags and I cannot lie! All you bitty bag lovers out there don’t know what you’re missing out on – get out there, buy a big bag, it will change your life!


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