Lumps & Bumps


How is it that at 25 years of age I am still a victim to the dreaded pimple?

If I happen to miss scrubbing the hell out of my face one morning by lunchtime I am a red and spotty mess.

Come on body – give me a freaking break here!

Every person who has ever had a pimple will tell you that its the most soul destroying experience. I know that sounds dramatic, but when your face resembles a minefield, covered in lumps and bumps and red mini mountains, you cannot help but to feel like crap.

No-one can still feel sexy with a huge zit in the center of their forehead!

Recently, I was so fed up with my dalmatian face that I found myself sucked into the television ad for Proactiv . . . Yes, I ordered it, I know you should never order anything that is featured on those annoying 2am home shopping loops, but they got me at a weak point, and I did. (It was only $29.90, so it wasn’t that bad really)

Surprisingly, Proactiv worked! I was spot free!! Kinda flaky and a bit sensitive, but clear none the less.

I found myself wearing less makeup, I felt more confident – it was FAB . . . up until the tiny little bottles ran dry.

Freakishly, the day I exhausted my spot-free serums a little letter arrived in the mail from Proactiv, asking me if I wanted to order more. I was all for it, until I got to the bottom of the page and realised that they wanted to charge me $89.90 PLUS postage!

That was when I shredded the letter and returned to my sad spotty little self.

Is there no hope for me? Why am I still zitted at the age of 25? When will this end??

The upside? At least brown paper bags won’t break the budget . . . Ah, the silver lining


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