These boots weren’t made for walkin’


I, like 99% of women out there, LOVE heels

There is something about them that makes you feel like the sexiest woman on the planet.

But there is just one problem – THEY HURT LIKE HELL

Yep, it’s no secret that heels are the devil incarnate, the more gorgeous they make you look the more vicious they are to your feet, guaranteed.

So many times I have hobbled in the front door after a night out with feet that resemble a wad of spat out gum. Countless blisters, bruises and bumps.

They may make you feel like a 90 year old the next day, but in some crazy, mental way they are actually totally worth it.

They may not be made for walking, or dancing, or ANYTHING really, but I will bet you that every woman who has been brutalised by her favourite pair of heels will go out and buy a taller, pointier, more vicious pair a week later – and be insanely excited that she did.

We’re a crazy bunch – but damn we look good!!


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