We have a little fence hopper, by the name of Riley.

This little boy lives in one of the houses surrounding our block of flats and he is quite the social butterfly.

Every afternoon you are guaranteed to hear his poor mum yelling out his name, again and again and again, until finally he appears, kicking his ball along, in the neighbour’s yard.

“Riley” she screams
“R I L E Y!!”
“RILEY – NOW!!!”

This is a daily event, and today is no exception. There he was, naughty little Riley, clambering over the fence to play with the neighbour’s dog.

20 minutes later . . .


The most amusing part is when he finally sneaks back over the fence, his mum standing near the back door – FUMING
He maintains a large distance between himself and his clearly angry mum and then at the very last minute makes a mad dash for the door – running as fast as his little legs can carry him.

Makes me laugh EVERY single time – little bugger he is.

Poor mum, that woman needs a holiday.


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