Summer = Bikini, Bikini = Pure Fear

Summer = Bikini, Bikini = Pure Fear

So I think its safe to say that I belong where it snows, rather than where the sun and sand is in abundance.

Why, you say?

Well its quite simple really . . . I HATE bikinis, despise them in fact.

Back in the day, during a time long long ago, I was one of those “Skinny Minis” (as I call them these days), I was slim and young and fabulous.

These days my LOVE of food and lack of exercise has ensured that my once slim little bod has now transformed into a vivacious, bootylicious body.

Now, as much as this isn’t ideal, I’m not all that bothered. I love that I am bootylicious.

HOWEVER – getting my lovely lady lumps out in public is not something I like doing, by any means.
We’re all very aware that fashion these days isn’t designed for ‘real women’ and bikinis are certainly no exception.

The thought of bikini shopping makes me want to run and hide (and trust me, I don’t run for no one), there you are surrounded by itsy bitsy nipple covers and tiny panties of all different colours and patterns – none of them suitable, all of them terrifying.

When I saw that high waisted bikinis had crept back into fashion a little glimmer of hope shone through . . . now all I need is a wide brim sunhat and a HUGE sarong to wrap myself in and I’m all good 😉

Summer is coming – wish me luck


2 thoughts on “Summer = Bikini, Bikini = Pure Fear

  1. Ash 🙂
    you should shop online on pinup fashion sites they are in the 50’s ish style so they accommodate for the more ‘bootylicious’ bodies my fav site is :
    During medications in the last year i have fluctuated in size but i can always guarantee I’ll look hot in a pin up style dress 🙂

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