Shall we ask the Earl?


So, I’ve never claimed to be the authority when it comes to tea, and up until recently I was plain SHOCKING at making it myself – I don’t know how I would get it so very wrong every time, but I did.

In fact, I never really enjoyed tea until I found myself gulping down a lovely warm cup each morning during my time in the UK. After all tea is a right of passage for Aussie’s living in England, without it you’re just a cold, soggy little Australian sipping on an iced coffee, fighting against the key to happiness the British had discovered in tea.

Normally my favourites are the generic English Brekkie and a nice Ginger and Lemon on the odd occasion.

The other day I had read that Earl Grey helps your brain when it comes to studying and with all my end of session assessments, my mentalisms need all the help they can get.

I have seen Earl Grey used in so many other creations; in cocktails, creme brulee, panna cotta, macaroons, ice cream, cakes, scented candles, essential oils, perfume, the list goes on . . .

But my question is . . . how the hell are you meant to drink it?

With milk and sugar?
With a slice of Lemon?
Standing on your head?

I turned to the oracle (Google) and found a combination of both standard and incredibly strange possibilities. None of which I could decide on.

So . . . I just poured boiling water into my mug and drank it black – living on the edge, I know!

The refreshing part was, I enjoyed it immensely. YAY WIN
And . . . My mentalisms are having a party 🙂 DOUBLE WIN

So what is your favourite tea? Send me a comment, expand my tea horizons


2 thoughts on “Shall we ask the Earl?

  1. Have you tried French Earl Grey before? Earl Grey is quite strong, Lady Grey (my second favourite) milder and French Earl Grey (my ultimate favourite) a more sophisticated cousin. Try it out if you have the chance – if you like Earl Grey you’re very likely to like it 🙂

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