My Neck, My Back

My Neck, My Back

So after a week now of broken sleep and constant discomfort, I woke this morning feeling like a crippled old crow and thought to myself, wouldn’t a soak in the tub be divine right now?

The only problem with this glorious little idea, is that I’m missing one vital element – I do not have a bathtub.

In fact, the nearest bathtub available to me happens to be in Coffs Harbour, 3 long hours away, at my darling mum’s.

Awwwww Shiiiiiit, you say

I second that notion!

Trust me, I’m almost tempted to hitch-hike the whole way, just to slip into the warm milky waters, light some candles and float my way into total relaxation . . .

ARGH, the damned life of a university student, bath-less and surrounded by end of session assessments.

Kill me now


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