What will I do with all this Free Time?

What will I do with all this Free Time?

So the uni break is looming, and I’m quickly realising that I will have from late September all the way through till February with absolutely no assessments, no essays, no exegetical reports, no bibliographies, or readings, or theory – I’m going to be free as a bird.

But, what the frig am I going to do??

I refuse to fall victim to sweaty track pants, daytime television and 2:00pm breakfast fry-ups – No way, not for me baby!

So whats a girl to do?

Naturally, just like every other student I know, I’m hoping to gravitate towards the ocean. There is nothing better than a bit of sand and sunshine to get your creative juices flowing, and me, I want a waterfall of the stuff.

I think a new camera may be on the cards, get out there and make me some memories, all so I can share them with you guys.

Now although this all sounds lovely the reality soon sets in, before any of these beachside shenanigans can take place I have to wade my way through 7 hefty assessments in the next 14 days.


(Truthfully, I’m shitting my pants)


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