f-ANT-astic discoveries

I was typing away at my essay the other day, when I was visited by a curious little ant fellow.

At first I just sent him on his merry little way, with a gentle flick he was gone and I carried on wading through my essay.

Before I knew it he was back! Wandering along the keyboard, getting all up in my space.

So . . . I squished him

Horrible I know, turns out I’m a ruthless killer, who knew?

I dusted his crumpled little body off the laptop and continued with my work.

All the sudden I could smell something strange, looking around the room for the possible cause I soon realised it was coming from my murderous, death laden finger!

Whaaaaaat?? I hear you say.

Yep, dead ant’s have a special smell, who would have guessed it? I sat there looking like a total freak, sniffing my finger and trying madly to work out the familiar notes.

After several minutes I worked it down to a combination of Dill, Lavender and Peanuts.


Don’t believe me? Go squish one for yourself


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