Love is in the air

Love is in the air

It seems that only a matter of days ago I was enthusiastically dancing around my flat and congratulating my gorgeous friends, Jaymi-Lee and Chris, on their engagement.

Little did I know that Dan and I would be soon joining them!


I’m pretty sure that I am still in shock, occasionally I catch a glimpse of the EXQUISITE ring on my finger and get a little flutter of excitement. I simply couldn’t be happier.

He was so sneaky, taking me to Byron Bay for a spot of camping and seaside relaxation. There I was sitting on the beach enjoying a lovely picnic lunch when KABAAM!!! Engaged to the love of my life, tears running down my face, shaking like a leaf and, for the first time EVER, completely speechless. What an amazing weekend, the beginning of the rest of my life with the most marvelous man.

Let the wedding planning begin!!

I will apologise in advance for the flurry of wedding based posts that are sure to flood on in . . . Sorry (Not really, hehe)


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