Reminiscing about my time in the UK

Reminicing about my time in the UK

This picture takes me straight back to my time in the UK. Whilst living in Brentwood, Essex, my sister and her flatmate had the most gorgeous Hamster called ‘Bunny’ and he happened to be our little slice of sanity whilst being away from home.

Throughout our lives, my sister and I have always had family pets around us, mostly cats. So we are accustomed to having something fluffy to cuddle up with on those not so great days.

During the first couple of months living in England we really missed our fluffies, so when Bunny came along he was very special to us.

I saw this picture while surfing Pinterest this morning and it gave me the warm and fuzzies . . . this cheeky little fella looks just like Bunny!

So really this post is especially for my darling sister, Hayley May.

They were some great times we had, weren’t they Noodle?

Ahhh, Memories . . . Miss you Bunny xx


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