National Book Lovers Day!!

National Book Lovers Day!!

Guess what today is?


** Queue fireworks and elation

I am a self confessed Bibliophile and when it comes to hanging out in book stores I am the the WORST! (my gorgeous sister can vouch for me here, it drives her mad)

During my time in the UK whenever I would come across a Waterstones I would loose my mind, wandering around in there for hours, picking up almost every book, stroking it, giving it a cheeky sniff . . . It would take all of my power not to walk down to Sainsburys and borrow one of their shopping trolleys to load it full of books.

We even had to freight my collection home when we returned to Australia, there was no way I was leaving my precious babies behind . . . And let me tell you, it wasn’t exactly cheap.

When I discovered that there was a National Book Lovers Day I was so excited, so I thought it seems only fitting to share this with you all.

So what is today all about?

Pick up a book!

Grab a cuppa, get snuggly on the couch and loose yourself to the narrative, don’t worry about your To Do list or the washing up, or the hungry kids . . .

Reignite that love for books that is hiding deep inside you, drowned out by the nasty, busy lives we lead.


Trust me, when you turn that final page (at 3am, with aching numb limbs, dehydration and concrete eyelids) and you place the book back on the shelf your life from that moment would have changed, perhaps just a little, but changed none the less.

Reading enriches our lives, it broadens the mind, it ignites passion, builds suspense, allows us an escape.

Dust of that book and let it all in, before you know it you will be a Bibliophile just like me . . .

Enjoy every moment


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