Summer cruising in the sunshine

Summer cruising in the sunshine

So summer is coming and Lismore is known to get pretty hot . . . Sweltering, sticky hot. In this kind of heat walking everywhere is most definitely not ideal. By the time you reach the letterbox you are dripping wet and look like a drowned rat, so you can just imagine how wrong it has all gone by the end of your 35 minute walk to the university campus. Not to mention the smell – YUK

During my time in Europe I often admired the masses of stylish locals zipping around town on their beloved little Vespas.

I often imagined myself cruising around Rome or dashing around the streets of Paris, the wind in my hair, the sun on my face – looking fabulous, of course.

With the short distances I am required to travel here in Lismore I wondered whether getting a sexy little Vespa would be perfect for my situation. As a university student I don’t have bottomless pockets full of money, so a pretty little $10 to fill the tank sounds like heaven to me. Of course we couldn’t possibly ignore their absolutely gorgeous design, the shapes, the leather, the vintage flair – whats not to love?

So what do you think? Is the Vespa the way to go?

Comment and let me know your opinions (if you’re lucky you could even end up on the back, helmet on, cruising around in the sunshine)


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