Rain, rain, don’t go away, pour again another day

Please rain, don't dissapear too quickly!

So this morning I woke to an abundance of sunshine pouring through my window and I realised that summer is just around the corner. I can tell you right now – I cannot believe I’m saying this – I need the rain to stay for just a little while longer.

I know what you’re all thinking . . .

WTF?! . . . right?

But the simple answer is that my thighs just aren’t ready for the summer just yet and as ridiculous as this sounds, its a serious freaking problem.

I have been busting my booty at the gym since moving to Lismore but I am still quite a considerable distance away from suitable short wearing thighs.

From previous experiences of summer in Lismore I am well aware of how atrociously hot it can get, skin melting, sweat bubbling, armpit leaking, soul destroyingly hot.

Let me tell you, 40 degrees is not pleasant when you’re standing there in a pair of jeans.

So please Mother Nature, you saucy minx, can I keep the chilly wet weather for just a little while longer while I strip down my thunder thighs – PLEASE

Gosh I hope Lady Nature follows my blog, otherwise I’m screwed!


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