The Art of Procrastination . . . To which I am an expert


If one could obtain a degree in Procrastination I would indeed be a Professor in this field. I would be the go-to for anything and everything in the field of avoidance and preoccupation.

If there is any possible way I could avoid attacking the items on my ‘To Do’ list I will undoubtably find it and jump in head first . . . Even the creation of said list is a means of stalling the inevitable items listed.

I am like an avoidance ninja . . . I am so swift and cunning that sometimes I don’t even recognise the procrastination taking place!

During the writing of one 2,000 word essay I am likely to:

– Consume a minimum of 30 cups of tea or coffee
– Have cleaned the flat at least twice, including the vigorous spring cleaning of the dreaded no-mans-land known as my wardrobe
– Have baked at least 2 cakes or dozens of cupcakes
– Have participated in no less than 50 facey status updates
– Have checked my emails every 20 minutes (the last thing I want is to miss the incredibly important newsletters from TopFloor telling me what fashion picks are trending right now, or some overseas pharmaceutical company advising me of the plethora of new and exciting miracle cures that I can purchase online)
– Take a broad selection of selfies, the result of many wardrobe, hair and face changes . . . of course

Any procrastinator will tell you that what I have listed is merely the surface of the endless possibilities procrastination has to offer.

It’s truly amazing, this talent I hold.

Now what was it I was meant to be doing before I decided to check my blog for the tenth time this afternoon??


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