Valentines – Expression of love or something more commerical?

723d8647d0013c122abe9f41118c8dc6 Valentines day, what does it mean to you?

For some Valentines day is something special, a day where they can truly express their love and affection for someone who holds their heart.

For others it is merely a reminder of their loneliness or a just another materialistic, commercially driven excuse to go out and buy a selection of over priced heart shaped chocolates, crazy amounts of flowers and corny pink gorilla teddies holding an ‘I love you’ pillow. It can all be a little overwhelming, both for your betrothed and also for your wallet!

I must say, I fall into neither of these categories. For me Valentines day is just another day, I would love to think that my gorgeous partner would look at the date, on the 14th of February, and think of me. I never expect any gifts, or heaven forbid a bunch of flowers, but for me its nice just to hear that special someone tell you that they Love you.

This year I am going to take a moment to let all those special people in my life know that I love them.

Its not always about the grand gestures and monumental expressions of affection – sometimes the simple things make the largest impact.

What are your thoughts?


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