Another Birthday draws closer


Just like every February my Birthday pops around so very quickly, as I still stumble around in my post Christmas/New Year/Million January Birthdays haze I normally have to be reminded by an enthusiastic family member that I am about to turn another year older.

This year the magic number is 25 . . . and I although I know it isn’t recognised as one of the ‘monumental stepping stone’ birthdays like 18, 21 or 50, I feel like 25 is a little special.

For some reason I have been waiting quietly in excitement to turn the big 2 5

To me its the age where people finally accept that you are a perfectly functioning adult, theoretically at 18 you are legally an adult, however we all know that the status is a little prematurely handed out at this stage and you are guaranteed to make several champion mistakes during this first year of responsibility.

21 comes along and you feel like you are old and wise enough to conquer the world, and a lucky few do just that, but for the majority out there 21 is the year that you barely remember through the drunken tainted memories, endless days of hangovers and randomness, no plan adventures. 21 is the year of fun, laughter and irresponsibility.

Then along comes 25, all smug with its all-knowing ‘I told you so’ smile and its open possibilities for a promising future. This is when you get your plan in order, when you dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s and put everything in place.

25 is when you find all the things that make you YOU, when you decide you like what you like, what colour is your favourite, what foods are the most delicious, your favourite places and faces and all the things that you hold dear.

So all in all I can safely say that I am nothing short of ecstatic to be turning 25 in a months time, I am completely ready for this new chapter in life. Come at me 25!

The only question now is, how shall we celebrate??


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